Dr. Roger Moser

Roger Moser

Direktor ACC Universität St.Gallen

Entrepreneurial Scholar

- Decision Intelligence & Strategic Management
- Business (Model) Development in India, Timor-Leste, China, Southeast Asia
- Social Business & Social Investments in Emerging Markets (Focus on Infrastructure Solutions)
- Applied Intercultural Management (Processes) in the Swiss/German-Indo Context

Expertise in:
- Strategic Management & Decision Intelligence for Senior Executives
- Strategic Intelligence Gathering & Processing in Dynamic Business Contexts such as Emerging Markets
- Decision Model Innovation in Commoditized Markets caused by Robotics & Globalization, Digitization and Access-based Business Models (e.g. Sharing Economy)
- Global Sourcing

Advisor/Investor to:
- SatSure, Switzerland/India/UK/Dubai
- IoTAg, Australia
- Bellatrix Aerospace, India
- Jivana Vitality, Switzerland/India

Board Member of:
- Timor Foundation (NGO)
- Think Tank Thurgau (NGO)

Lived and worked in (> 6 months):
- Australia
- India
- China
- US & UK
- Germany & Switzerland